Letting go

I’m a planner. And a preparer. Which means I’m usually really hesitant about agreeing to do things that I feel totally unfamiliar with, especially if others have expectations of me that I need to meet.  But in getting involved in Future Forward, I’m happy to say that I’ve let all of that go, and have willingly and optimistically jumped into a process about which I had (and still have!) so many questions I didn’t even know how to go about asking them.
Perhaps it’s because we are being led by a very skilled team of facilitators that I wholly trust will guide us through all the uncertainty toward a clear outcome.
Perhaps it’s because I’m part of a team of incredibly smart, thoughtful and forward-thinking people who I believe I have so much to learn from.
Or perhaps it’s because I’m about to have my second baby in about a month and – in preparing for my leave – I just have too many other things to be concerned about!
Well, it’s probably more of the first two reasons than the last one…but nevertheless, I feel like my attitude going in to this project has been very aligned with some of the productive mindsets that we’ve all been working to embrace, like:

  • Energy and enthusiasm are enough to get started
  • No risk, no reward
  • We’re in it together

So yay to already being part way there! But even so, I still have a long way to go and I am really honored to have had the opportunity to be pushed to do things that people usually don’t get to do every day – like practicing new mindsets for working better collaboratively and building muscles to think and act innovatively.
What a privilege! I just can’t wait to see what comes next.

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