Month: April 2015

Rini Banerjee

Slow Down to Speed Up

I am a person who thinks fast, walks fast, and talks fast.  I guess I am a quintessential New Yorker.  I sometimes want answers fast. But one answer I haven’t been able to get and that has been gnawing on me for last 15 years in philanthropy is why isn’t there be a better way for organizations such as Forward Together to get…

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Maria Nakae

Letting go

I’m a planner. And a preparer. Which means I’m usually really hesitant about agreeing to do things that I feel totally unfamiliar with, especially if others have expectations of me that I need to meet.  But in getting involved in Future Forward, I’m happy to say that I’ve let all of that go, and have willingly and optimistically jumped into…

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Eight Weeks of Muscles & Mindsets

I’m facilitating the “workouts” that make up Collaboration Muscles & Mindsets, which we’re undergoing together as part of the Future Forward project. The workouts are designed to help the group practice the skills and mindsets that will help the group think and act in innovative ways. Why are we doing this? At its core, Future Forward is an innovation challenge…

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Journals for Future Forward

Early in January, Eugene and I met to brainstorm what the storytelling practice would look like. We had three goals: sharing what we are learning with others individual sensemaking of the unfamiliar experience collective synthesis of the emergent process and two requirements. Storytelling for Future Forward needed to be: shared. Storytelling would be the responsibility of all participants. real-time. We…

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