Who We Are

We are funders, organizers, movement builders, facilitators, strategists, writers, designers; parents, children, brothers, sisters; thinkers and doers, and creators of a better future. We’re the “Sustainability Brain Trust” for Forward Together.

Eveline Shen, Forward Together
Moira Bowman, Forward Together
Maria Nakae, Forward Together

Sarah Abelow, The Overbrook Foundation
Rini Banerjee, Foundation for a Just Society
Holly Bartling, General Service Foundation
Steven Cole-Schwartz, The Partnership Fund
Renee Fazzari, General Service Foundation
Ellen Friedman, Compton Foundation

Eugene Eric Kim, Faster Than 20
Rebecca Petzel
Amy Wu, Duende

Above: (left to right, standing) Holly Bartling, Moira Bowman, Ellen Friedman, Renee Fazzari, Rini Banerjee, Sarah Abelow, Alison Lin; (sitting) Eugene Eric Kim, Rebecca Petzel, Eveline Shen, Steven Cole-Schwartz (in 2D), Amy Wu, Maria Nakae.

Photo: Alison Lin.