Slow Down to Speed Up

I am a person who thinks fast, walks fast, and talks fast.  I guess I am a quintessential New Yorker.  I sometimes want answers fast. But one answer I haven’t been able to get and that has been gnawing on me for last 15 years in philanthropy is why isn’t there be a better way for organizations such as Forward Together to get   sustainable long-term funding.  So, I decided to jump into this Innovation Challenge with Forward Together and other funder colleagues to possibly figure out this wicked question.  What I have learned so far in this process:

  • To build collective muscle to solve challenging issues; I need to take it one step at a time.  I really need to slow down, pause, and then move from a place of strength and abundance to tackle complex issues.
  • To actively listen and repeat back takes practice. That practice is fundamental to slowing down, listening carefully, pausing, and acting strategically.
  • To have the ability to check-in with one person every week to practice collaborative muscle building is an incredible opportunity.  My weekly check-ins have accelerated my growth considerably. I appreciate the commitment we both have made to this process and I learn each week how to do things better.

My hope is that working on the Muscles & Mindsets will get me/we to a place where we can tackle the wicked question.  Lastly, big thanks to Eugene for his fantastic facilitation and methodology.  I am looking forward to the Innovation Challenge!

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