Muscles & Mindsets

Collaboration Muscles & Mindsets is a 16-week workout program designed to help groups achieve high-performance by instilling the right culture and creating a safe space for participants to practice the skills they need to be more collaborative.

The program consists of:

  • Kickoff. The program starts with a kickoff meeting (either a full-day face-to-face meeting or two two-hour calls with homework). We introduce the frameworks, and the group aligns around the mindsets and muscles it wants to focus on for the ensuing 15-weeks.
  • 12 weekly pair workouts. The core of the program centers around weekly one-hour workouts, which are designed to help you with the work you’re already doing. Participants do these workouts with a partner (either face-to-face or remotely), then share takeaways from that workout with the rest of the group on an online forum.
  • 3 monthly full-group checkins. Every four weeks, the full group comes together (either face-to-face or remotely) for 90-minutes to reflect on their experiences as a group and also to do some group workouts.
  • Regular assessments and feedback. These offer a framework for identifying your strengths and weaknesses and for tracking your development.

See Faster Than 20 for more information about the program.

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