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It’s Wednesday, and …

I’m tired, grateful, and excited. I’ve spent the past two days in Oakland with the most wonderful group of people you’ll ever find in one room, investigating the question: How might we generate resources differently to enable Forward Together to evolve sustainably, with agency and autonomy, toward a future in which all families can thrive? You could see and hear…

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Renee Fazzari

From Fixed to Flexible Reality

Picking up on some of the great thoughts that Holly shared in her post about Spaciousness and Experiments in Abundance, I want to share how the Future Forward process has helped me move from a mindset of: “Fixed Reality: Reality is fixed. There aren’t enough time or resources” TO “Flexible Reality: Reality is what you make of it. If we…

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A Think Tank That Acts

I’m excited to be embarking on this innovation stage of Future Forward, the heart of our project which we’ve been working toward for many weeks. For me, preparation started last fall when I was just beginning to learn about Forward Together and the reproductive justice movement. Stories from Ferguson, New York, Cleveland were warning all who would listen that the…

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Ellen Friedman

Softening a skeptic

I entered the Future Forward process with a skeptical mind – while I am usually a process friendly person, I was worried about whether the focus on process would distract from Forward Together’s inquiry into new strategies to support and scale its work. There were the concerns about getting funders too mucked up in a grantee’s inner workings; then there…

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Moira Bowman

On Storytelling

I am a reader. I love novels—from murder mysteries I buy at the airport to pass the time to more nuanced stories that push me to pay attention and explore new ways of being and understanding. So, I’ve been intrigued by the workouts we’ve been doing in the past couple of weeks in Future Forward about storytelling and my relationship…

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Rini Banerjee

Slow Down to Speed Up

I am a person who thinks fast, walks fast, and talks fast.  I guess I am a quintessential New Yorker.  I sometimes want answers fast. But one answer I haven’t been able to get and that has been gnawing on me for last 15 years in philanthropy is why isn’t there be a better way for organizations such as Forward Together to get…

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Maria Nakae

Letting go

I’m a planner. And a preparer. Which means I’m usually really hesitant about agreeing to do things that I feel totally unfamiliar with, especially if others have expectations of me that I need to meet.  But in getting involved in Future Forward, I’m happy to say that I’ve let all of that go, and have willingly and optimistically jumped into…

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